AgAu, The call for a “Free Market Renaissance”​
4 min readJul 15, 2020


This article appeared initially on Agau Founder’s Linkedin

This is a call for a “Free Market Renaissance”!

Modern day capitalism has turned into “controlled” capitalism where asset prices are mainly controlled by the government and central banks. The western world as we knew it, that western society which rose to its glory thanks to Free Market Capitalist Principles is on the brink of extinction.

Most people don’t understand that Communism is Capitalism, it’s only that all capital is owned by the state… that is our fate if we fail to recognise that we need a “Free Market Renaissance”!

While our founding principles have faded and our mind have been sedated, the brutal reality is that most economies now have economies controlled by the state through regulation, taxation and tariffs and markets with central banks absolutely co-dependent conducting “artificially low interest rates” policies (manipulation of the main money market rate) as well as other outright market purchases via Quantitative Easing (QE) measures (now expanded by and large to the financial markets.

“With the COVID-19 crisis you have to be blind not to recognise that there is a Government takeover of the Economy by the self inflicted destruction of the private sector and a Central Bank takeover of the Financial Markets via obvious interventions in the price discovery of many assets. There is a moral hazard and we are not in a free market anymore, sadly it is not clear to everyone yet.”


This is an urgent call, for whoever is reading; if you believe in Freedom, if you adhere to the principles of Justice, not fairness; Individual Fulfilment, not Collectivism and the God given right for everyone in the pursuit of Happiness; then read the next sentence very loud for yourself:


Do it now or surrender forever!

“What can I do?” may you ask. Well:

  • Understand the urgency of the situation
  • Share this message with others because the revolution begins in the consciousness
  • Improve your condition however you can. Be courageous!
  • Decide on your principles and stick by them. Do not compromise your Integrity.
  • Find strength by joining forces.

Join our movement

The AgAu Monetary System (AMS)

The AgAu Monetary System or AMS set itself apart from previous forms of gold standard by using blockchain and smart contract distributed ledger systems to allow 1:1 decentralised property of proven and inspected precious metals where the property resides directly with the user (as opposed to a centralised banking system) through a mix of decentralised protocols and swiss legal contracts. The AMS is said to be an alternative to monetary transmission mechanism using central banks, fractional reserve banking as well as policy to influence asset prices.

AMS is diametrically opposed to MMT or UBI technically and ideologically.

The AgAu Monetary Standard (AMS) is a peer to peer electronic money system parallel to the traditional financial system based on the direct digital ownership of physical LBMA Good Delivery Standard gold and silver. AgAu has the ambition to create a parallel financial system based on decentralised protocols also called DeFi (Decentralised Finance).

Gold being neutral money (as it is not controlled by any government in particular), allows for global trade on the basis of a universal price (as opposed to a multitude of Foreign exchange rates) and a barter system that ought to be tax efficient and more transparent in terms of international price competitivity. AgAu is more inclusive and can result in a smoothing of trade tensions, currency manipulations and increased efficiency in cross border trade”.

AgAu Cryptomoney

AgAu’s name is derived from the merger of the two atomic symbols “Ag” (for Silver) and “Au” (for Gold). AgAu has built an advanced technology on the Ethereum Blockchain to issue stable ERC20 compatible tokens. Each AgAu token is backed 1 to 1 and represents 1 gram of allocated Good Delivery standard LBMA quality (99.99%) gold or silver; redeemable against standard gold and silver bars.

In the white paper, AgAu is defined as peer-to-peer electronic money in reference to Bitcoin, a peer-to-peer, electronic, cash system. The abstract first defines cash as part of the fiat system while gold is defined as historic money.

AgAu Mission and Vision

AgAu’s vision is to create a world with an open and reliable electronic peer-to-peer sound money system based on gold and silver. AgAu’s mission is to create a superior form of money enabling more economic freedom for everyone to preserve and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

“We shall stand on Principle, or we shall not stand at all! “

- Margaret Thatcher

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