Global Monetary War Game 2020: CBDC & CRYPTO, The Monetary Reset

Experts from International Organizations, Academia, and Private Sector gather to debate the future of money.

AgAu AG, the company behind “The Peer-to-Peer, Electronic Money System” aiming to issue tokens backed by silver and gold, in collaboration with, Crypto Valley Association, and Geneva Macro Labs are organizing a simulation-based webinar; Global Monetary War Game 2020: CBDC & CRYPTO, The Monetary Reset. The event is Free but participants can donate and get perks with . Donations will benefit 🎗 Lebanon by giving 100% of proceeds directly to St George’s Hospital in Beirut, a hospital damaged by the recent blast.

The “scenario-based” debate focused on the eventuality of a global monetary reset triggered as a result of the global pandemic will take place on

Industry leaders and high-level organizations are teaming up to create the first edition of The Global Monetary War Game (2020) bringing together perspectives from academics, industry leaders, and international organizations in a series of panel discussions including scenario-based debates.

First Edition of The Global Monetary War Game 2020 will be a Webinar/Fundraising in support of Lebanon relief

Industry experts will share their views on current and future global monetary situations in different panels such as Technology, Monetary Policy, Global Trade, and Geopolitics. The scenario based expert panels will be followed by poll results, Q & A sessions, and ending remarks. Among confirmed speakers:

More high-level participants will be announced soon. Visit: to learn more about all the industry experts that have joined the event as speakers.

Monetary War Game 2020 is focusing on the topics of unsustainable debt levels, deflation risk, as well as rising political and trade tensions. The simulation will be presented by studying the economic and political events during a hypothetical period called, “The Great Monetary Deleveraging.” The scenario-based event aims to provide different perspectives on the potential outcomes possibly leading to a Global Monetary Reset. The Peer-to-Peer, Electronic Money System backed by Ag (Silver) and Au (Gold) in Switzerland. Visit:

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