Mark Valek joins AgAu as Advisor
3 min readAug 13, 2020

Fund manager and Incrementum partner Mark Valek joins The Swiss Silver and Gold Electronic Money System as advisor.

Zug, SWITZERLAND: AgAu AG, the company behind “The Peer-to-Peer, Electronic Money System” aiming to issue tokens backed by silver and gold, announced today that Incrementum partner and gold fund manager Mark Valek has joined the company’s Advisory Board. The Asset Management Boutique Incrementum based in Liechtenstein is also recognized for its research report “In Gold We Trust” — often referred to as “The Gold Bible” among precious metal investors.

Thierry Arys Ruiz, Executive Chairman of AgAu AG commented: “In my opinion, Mark is the most knowledgeable person when it comes to precious metals. We share the same values and passion for the free market so I am delighted to have him on board… I am very pleased to have received the trust of what I consider the best people in the industry to accomplish our ambitious mission”

Mr. Valek has continuously worked in asset management and financial markets. Mr.Valek’s passion lies with interdisciplinary thinking for making better investment decisions. He is particularly fascinated with the Austrian School of Economics, monetary history, and the foreseeable paradigm shift in the monetary system. Mr. Valek’s vision of a possible Monetary Reset perfectly aligns with AgAu thesis. Recently Incrementum has launched a “Digital and Physical Gold Fund” focusing on a mixed asset allocation between physical gold and bitcoins.

A core message which Mark Valek likes to point out is “The current monetary system is not sustainable.”

The Company has recently announced the completion of its angel investment roundincluding high-calibre investors. Nicolas Chikhani, the former CEO of Arab Bank Switzerland contributed to the series. AgAu will continue to reveal the industry leaders supporting the project with further announcements later this year.

Strong support for AgAu comes at time where the company has received a positive response from the Swiss Financial Market Supervision Authority (FINMA). The response confirmed that AgAu tokens are classified as Payment Tokens representing an asset but not a Security as per the latest ‘stable coin’ guidelines. AgAu tokens represent the direct ownership of physical gold and silver bullion with very little friction.

Leading UK Newspaper City AM’s Crypto division has also shined its spotlight on AgAuwith an extensive article on the company advocating for a Monetary Reset. AgAu is gaining momentum as the company is aiming to bring back the gold standard 2.0 in the second half of 2020.

About AgAu AG:

The company AgAu AG was founded in 2018 and borrowed its name from the merger of the two atomic symbols “Ag” (for Silver) and “Au” (for Gold). AgAu plans to issue digital tokens corresponding to the direct ownership of allocated silver and gold bullion in Switzerland. AgAu aims to be the easiest way to transact the direct ownership of allocated and redeemable physical LBMA quality gold and silver. The precious metal shall be audited and secured in regulated private vaults outside the banking system.

AgAu ́s mission is to increase the freedom of exchange of goods, values, and ideas, while establishing a secure, stable, and decentralized money platform that will enable everyone, to protect their wealth and execute payments worldwide. You can learn more by reading the official White Paper at

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