Why Gold Part 3

4 min readDec 18, 2020


Why Gold” Series Part 3; Discussions with Thierry Arys Ruiz CEO & Founder of AgAu.io.

As part of the “Why Gold” series Part 3 we asked some questions to Mr. Ruiz to learn more about “why gold and why AgAu.io” to show how we are changing the current monetary system by bringing the new era of “The Digital Gold Standard”. We have compiled here the main thoughts and take away from our chat with our CEO.

Gold has been money since the beginning of history. It was a consensus reached by mankind. When we experience a monetary reset, we will need to return to those origins, the most likely outcome would be to go back to the gold standard albeit in an innovative and ground-breaking way, thus the new era of “The Digital Gold Standard”. The structural problems within the traditional financial and banking systems are becoming increasingly evident showing that the current monetary system is unsustainable.

“The problem began in 1931, with the departure of the Gold Standard with Roosevelt, and in 1971 under Nixon we departed temporarily from it and created a monster which is essentially the Fiat system, and the Fractional Reserve system.” Thierry Arys Ruiz CEO & Founder of AgAu.io

Executive Order 6102 signed by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt evidencing a precedent of gold confiscation in the USA.

Precious metals such as Gold or Silver are a legitimate hedge against inflation but also the systemic failure of our current institutions. This pandemic might be the tipping point from where a great reset, including a monetary reset may unfold. As governments attempt to mitigate the effects of the self-inflicted lockdowns, budget deficits are at unprecedented levels and central banks react by issuing historic amounts of currency. Investors seeking refuge in gold against a complete collapse and a potential increase of inflation.

“Given what central banks are doing, by printing unlimited amounts of money and even distorting markets by buying financial assets … this creates systemic risk, and Gold is the perfect safe heaven against that systemic risk.” Thierry Arys Ruiz CEO & Founder of AgAu.io

Gold.Org Data as of 16 December, 2020 Sources: FastMarkets, ICE Benchmark Administration, Thomson Reuters, World Gold Council

Structural problems within the financial and traditional banking system are becoming increasingly evident and many players such as AgAu.io advocate for a Monetary Reset.

As AgAu.io we are combining the best of both worlds; blockchain technology and real money; Gold. We are utilizing smart contracts, blockchain technology and distributed ledgers in order to allow the vitalization of a decentralized digital gold standard where users maintain the direct ownership of their money.

The image above highlights the difference between modern forms of money including the previous Bretton Woods System deemed to be a gold standard albeit it was “temporarily suspended”in 1971 until the creation of a superior gold standard in the name of The AgAu Money System (AMS).

As AgAu.io we are purposely avoiding the use of a multitude of ownership layers via trusts, funds, traditional venues, other forms of custody or centralized protocols our unique model allows for electronic direct ownership and transfer of physical and allocated LBMA Good Delivery quality gold and silver. By utilizing innovation and the core idea of Gold is money we are separating ourselves from the cryptocurrency world and creating a new form of money.

Our mission is to increase the freedom of exchange of goods, values and ideas by establishing a superior form of money enabling everyone to preserve and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

“The problem with other Fiat, or even Bitcoin, is that they fall back into the Fiat Paradigm.
I call Bitcoin the millennials’ Fiat.” Thierry Arys Ruiz CEO & Founder of AgAu.io

“If a monetary reset was to occur the most likely consensus across the world would probably be gold and AgAu.io would be the best way to access it.” Thierry Arys Ruiz CEO & Founder of AgAu.io

The gold standard makes the money’s purchasing power independent of the changing, ambitions and doctrines of political parties and pressure groups. This is not a defect of the gold standard; it is its main excellence.”

-Ludwig Von Mises

Learn more about how AgAu allows the electronic direct ownership and transfer of physical and allocated LBMA Good Delivery quality gold and silver secured by Swiss private property laws. AgAu is the purest and most efficient form to bring back a real gold standard where the ownership of the money resides directly with the user. Join our movement towards sound money. Spread the word and visit AgAu.io for more.

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