Yazen Alkhudairy, former Head of Financial Institutions and
Sovereign Coverage at Société Générale Saudi Arabia, joined AgAu Advisory Board

Yazen Alkhudairy, former Head of Financial Institutions and Sovereign Coverage at Société Générale Saudi Arabia joined the AgAu’s Board of Advisors after leaving the Bank this April.

Zug, Switzerland, May 2021: AgAu AG, the company behind AgAu.io: “The Peer-to-Peer, Electronic Money System” aiming to issue tokens backed by silver and gold announced today that Yazen Alkhudairy current Managing Director of the Financial Institutions at the GFH Financial Group joined AgAu’s Board of Advisors with his prominent over 23 years of expertise in treasury, investments and corporate finance. As AgAu AG is getting ready to launch, new members are joining the team.

“I welcome Mr. Alkhudairy’s trust as a key player in the GCC region. His Institutional expertise is invaluable. We look forward to expand in the region with Yazen’s support” believes the AgAu AG’s CEO and founder, Thierry Arys Ruiz.

Mr. Alkhudairy is Alumni of KFUPM King Fahad University of Petroleum & Minerals. Within his former role Mr. Alkhudairy used to cover financial institutions globally as well as the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia. Mr. Alkhudairy was also a Senior Financial Advisor at Alpha Consultancy Co. Bahrain. During his career he notably served as Head of Treasury for Deutsche Bank, Saudi Arabia and Head of Trading & Investment Treasury at AlRajhi Bank Saudi Arabia. Mr. Alkhudairy has demonstrated years of extensive expertise in forecasting, managing, and mitigating any risks within trade and treasury sector.

Mr. Alkhudairy’s investment and incorporation in the advisory board of AgAu AG brings tremendous value to the company. He will be advising AgAu’s expansion in the GCC Region.

“Redesigning the financial system is an incredibly ambitious task. This is why AgAu is bringing together the best professionals in Technology, Banking and Commodity Trading. I think we are representing well the transformation of the Swiss economy,” said Mr.Arys Ruiz hinting at more announcements to follow…


The company AgAu AG was founded in 2018 and borrowed its name from the merger of the two atomic symbols “Ag” (for Silver) and “Au” (for Gold). AgAu plans to issue digital tokens corresponding to the direct
ownership of allocated precious metals in Switzerland. AgAu aims to be the easiest way to transact the direct ownership of allocated and redeemable physical LBMA quality gold and silver. The precious metal shall be audited and secured in regulated private vaults outside the banking system.

AgAu’s mission is to increase the freedom of exchange of goods, values, and ideas, while establishing a
secure, stable, and decentralized money platform that will enable everyone, to protect their wealth and execute payments worldwide. You can learn more by reading the official White Paper at
We are inviting the community, investors, ecosystem and media partners to reach out by following us on social media and expressing your interest.

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AgAu.io: The Peer-to-Peer, Electronic Money System backed by Ag (Silver) and Au (Gold) in Switzerland. Visit: www.AgAu.io