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August 15th marks the 50 year anniversary of the Nixon shock. In his public statement of August 15th 1971, Nixon supended “temporarily” the convertibility of dollars into gold. This event marked the beginning of the fiat money system as we know it. More importantly it has achieved none of the stability or confidence objectives as initially intended. In fact, one can argue that this unilateral move was the greatest gold heist in history and marked the decline of the United states as a monetary power or at least the gradual death of the US Dollar.

After the end of…

The transformation of the economy is already in progress and Covid-19 just seemed to have accelerated it

— Thierry Arys Ruiz

In our third episode of the new webinar series, The Financial Future We Want: Economy Post COVID-19, cross-sector experts came together to discuss the effects of pandemics on economies around the world and steps forward.

The panel consisted of distinguished experts:

· Thierry Arys Ruiz, TARCO NGO, AgAu AG, American Institute for Economic Research — AIER — Bastiat Society Switzerland

· Kristina Touzenis: Managing Partner | BST-Impact | Head of Geneva Chapter of Women in Sustainable Finance

· Aleksander…

A webinar series hosted by, TARCO NGO & AIER — The Bastiat Society

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge effect on economies all around the world. Never before in world history has economic activity fallen so quickly. On June 17 at 18:00 (CET), TARCO NGO & AIER — The Bastiat Society are gathering representatives of the multilateral institutions, NGOs, academia, and private sector within the Webinar Series — The Financial Future We Want: Economy Post COVID-19. Register here to learn more from the cross-sector experts that are determined to look into the consequences and uncover the possible ways of recovery of the financial system.

The event will be moderated by Thierry…

Yazen Alkhudairy, former Head of Financial Institutions and Sovereign Coverage at Société Générale Saudi Arabia joined the AgAu’s Board of Advisors after leaving the Bank this April.

Zug, Switzerland, May 2021: AgAu AG, the company behind “The Peer-to-Peer, Electronic Money System” aiming to issue tokens backed by silver and gold announced today that Yazen Alkhudairy current Managing Director of the Financial Institutions at the GFH Financial Group joined AgAu’s Board of Advisors with his prominent over 23 years of expertise in treasury, investments and corporate finance. As AgAu AG is getting ready to launch, new members are joining the team.

“I welcome Mr. Alkhudairy’s trust as a key player in the GCC region. His Institutional expertise is invaluable. …

A webinar series hosted by, TARCO NGO & AIER — The Bastiat Society

In our second episode of the new webinar series, The Financial Future We Want: Inclusive and Transparent Financial System cross-sector experts discussed a wide variety of issues and solutions.

To combat issues with our current systems,, TARCO NGO & AIER — The Bastiat Society wanted to embody a sense of urgency and act upon given challenges. Following prominent experts took part in the event as speakers:

· Thierry Arys Ruiz: CEO & Founder of AgAu AG and MD of The Bastiat Society Switzerland

· Marie Owens Thomsen: Head of Global Trends & Sustainability | Lombard Odier Investment Solutions

A webinar series hosted by, TARCO NGO & AIER — The Bastiat Society

To have a system that is financially inclusive means making financial services readily available to more of the world’s population for reasonable costs. In 2021, a big part of the world is still left outside of the financial system. The actual financial services provided to numerous nations have many disadvantages and currently do not serve the people. It is hard to imagine financial inclusion in the actual financial system, as we know it today.

According to the World Bank Institute, access to well-functioning and efficient financial…

In our first episode of the new webinar series, The Financial Future We Want: The Sustainable Finance and the Digital World cross-sector experts discussed a wide variety of issues and solutions. Here we have compiled some of the highlights of the discussion. The first episode brought together such experts as:

Thierry Arys Ruiz: CEO & Founder of AgAu AG and TARCO NGO | MD, AIER — Bastiat Society Switzerland

Ekkehard Ernst: Member of STOA International Advisory Board within European Parliament| AI specialist at ILO | President of Geneva Macro Labs

Vanessa Grellet: Executive Director | Global Partnerships and Alliances|ConsenSys —…

A webinar series hosted by & TARCO NGO

The issues of poverty and lack of financial inclusion have continued to grow due to the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our World in Data has projected that those living in extreme poverty will reach 500 million by 2030. We, at, believe that the main driver of poverty and inequality are lack of access to quality money, a sound financial system, and the lack of financial means which prevents participation in the economy. To combat these issues,

Why Gold” Series Part 3; Discussions with Thierry Arys Ruiz CEO & Founder of

As part of the “Why Gold” series Part 3 we asked some questions to Mr. Ruiz to learn more about “why gold and why” to show how we are changing the current monetary system by bringing the new era of “The Digital Gold Standard”. We have compiled here the main thoughts and take away from our chat with our CEO.

Gold has been money since the beginning of history. It was a consensus reached by mankind. When we experience a monetary reset, we will…

Part 1 of a series showing why gold is the best option and AgAu the best way to access it.

Precious metals have been a unit of account throughout the ages. Historically, gold as money is probably one of the first universal consensus ever reached.

According to Chapter IV of The Wealth of Nations by famous economist Adam Smith (1776), when mankind began to organise into a civilised society, the aspect of trade quickly appeared. Soon, civilisations started using a barter system in which they gave “value” to certain objects — they would later trade for other objects considered of equal worth. With the discovery of gold (Au) and silver (Ag) more than 3000 B.C, a new era of money… The Peer-to-Peer, Electronic Money System backed by Ag (Silver) and Au (Gold) in Switzerland. Visit:

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